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2017 Starting up slowly with Longdistance racing

        Still 11 pure 1st prizes see results

        Bergerac  1019 km. NL13-1580303 1st of 1439 pigeons and 4th national sector 4

             Ruffec         908 km. NL14-1389984 1st of 1562 pigeons FFC and 4th nat. sector 4      

             Pointoise     541 km. NL14-1390087 1st of 1225 pigeons   

2018 Breeding extra much youngsters for Longdistance.

         Raced not full program But only have eyes for 2020. Still 4 pure 1st prizes

         Planning 2020 to bring good team to Barcelona 1354 kilometres

         Quievrain 356 km. NL15-1163749 1st of 7679 pigeons


Here you have some information about the loft of Jaap Koehoorn.
You can discribe him as pigeon expert, unbeatable, famous, all-round, craftsman, top, etc., etc. But especially as a true and honest pigeonfancier.

Jaap Koehoorn has pigeons from 1962/1963. In early days as a hobby, but nowadays as an professional in sport.
Championships and 1e prizes are the main goal in his pigeonsport life.
Till now 2018 he achieved 19 times a First place in an international one loft race.

He has his own method of keeping the pigeons healthy and strong. That is his famous "Vydex-Jaap Koehoorn Products systeem". He always looks for a natural way of keeping his pigeons and he does that with a lot of success.

Together with his father his interest in pigeons began when he was 6 years old. Since 1983 Jaap has raced alone. At the end of 2011 he moved to Twijzel in Friesland. There he started racing with youngbirds in 2012. Very special are the results of the one loft racing international.
Jaap managed to have 19 international victories on this kind of races.
So with a different kind of treatment his pigeons are still the best in the world.