Next goal: 2018-2021 Preparing his loft for extreme long distance. Goal Barcelona 1356 Kilometres. Planned 2021.

Jaap Koehoorn practices the method of “Total widowhood”. Both partners are raced. To keep the motivtion if one of the partners do not reach home in time he created a special feeding scheme. On the day of deployment his pigeons get everything they want. Full food with peanuts an dainty. Even the water is sweet with a lot of carbohydrates and fruits. Jaap realized that the pigeons even like to come home for this banquet. The racing pigeons are coupled at the end of Febuar for the first time and then brood approximately 20 days (on egg of stone). Naturally the top eggs are placed under breeding couples so he will get young birds from his best racing pigeons. After about 20 days the pigeons leave the egg voluntarily. Then they sit directly on widowhood and keep their feathers for a long time. Even up to the last competition the pigeons dispose good wings. In the loft of Jaap Koehoorn only vitamines, bacteria and sport nutrition from VYDEX and his own brand JAAP KOEHOORN PRODUCTS are given, also garlic and vegetables find his approval. He cannot understand  sport enthusiasts who only provide their pigeons well during  the racing seasons, because the prizes are won in wintertime! It is not his opinion that the  pigeons should only be top-fit in summer. With the dispensation of antibiotic one will only get tops and glens. For example a therapy against trichomonia only destroys the intestinal flora. Jaap:”only use antibiotics if it is absolutely necessary. Do not carry out blind cures but go to the veterinarian and let it examine very good, only medicate pigeons which are ill, not the strong and healthy which are also sitting in the loft. In spite of this the performance had to be considered as very well.

Nearly every week the pigeons are trained over the right distance. Before the first competition (approx. 100 kilometres) the pigeons have already been trained over 150 kilometres, which means an over-capacity. They are also trained from different directions. A pigeon must learn to find the right direction quickly on its own. All young birds are set in over 500 kilometres after the last race and they have mostly graduated from ten or eleven competitions. Only pigeons (even young birds) with many prizes are kept. Jaap Koehoorn pigeons are not allowed to laze a year. If a pigeon has made top prizes for five or six years, it is taken into breeding for the rest of its life. The oldest pigeon of Jaap Koehoorn  NL96-1939595 has become 19 years old.
This pigeon raced for 8 years achieving 114 prizes (pure) and more than 37000 prizekilometres. You understand this kind of pigeon will become a very special treatment in old age.

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